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Nigerian man reveals why many people with university degrees behave like illiterates

A Nigerian man has explained why he believes that people with bachelors degree behave as though they are uneducated. According to the man identified as Seun Alaofin, most universities don’t seek to educated, rather they just sell degrees which by extension means that many people with certificates act like illiterates. He made the statement via Twitter by writing; “Most universities don’t sell education, they sell degree. That’s why many educated people with bachelor’s degree act like illiterates.”

See below….

Similarly, top female R&B singer, Yemi Alade has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to address the challenges inherent in the health, education and power sectors. The Mama Africa as she is fondly called said that the aforementioned sectors are suffering and actions need to be taken urgently to address the problems.

“We are all in this together @MBuhari, don’t forget us and all the CHANGE you promised. This is your time to do right, for the next generation. “Education is suffering in Nigeria @MBuhari “The Health sector is suffering @MBuhari” she said.

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